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NTA sends out bills once a month around the 3rd of each month. Each monthly bill includes the current monthly rental charges, any usage charges from the previous month, and any past due balances. If you have any questions concerning your bill, you should contact our Billing Department at 625-3676.

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Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority currently provides internet access to Majuro, Ebeye Jaluit, Kili, Wotje.


DSL Residential Data Plans
High Speed Internet Connection is now available at the Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority. Customers can also apply for a Wireless Connection from home for an additional monthly service charge of $5 only!

Installation Fee:
Same as Monthly Recurring Charge
Upgrade Fee:
$99.95 ($0.03/Min, 7AM-7PM)
$139.95 ($0.04/Min, 7AM-7PM)

Business Lite DSL Data Plans
High Speed Internet designed to accommodate small local business.

Installation Fee:
Same as Monthly Recurring Charge
Upgrade Fee:
128Kbps $89.95 ($0.01/Min, 7AM-7PM)
$139.95 ($0.03/Min, 7AM-7PM)

Internet Leased Line
High Speed Internet Connection for larger networks, unlimited internet access!

Installation Fee:
Upgrade Fee:

*For more information on higher data rates please contact our Marketing & Sales ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Dial-Up Access
Dial-Up Connection provides the customer with complete internet and email access at a regular speed of 56K. This connection requires a username and a password.

Installation Fee:
Upgrade to DSL or Lease-line Fee:
Residential Dial-Up
Business Dial-Up





Wi-Fi Handset Service:

NTA now offers Wi-Fi access through mobile phones.

Service Fees Include:

Installation Fee
Monthly Fee $15


NTA Fiber Optic Service was launched and commissioned in 2010.  Our Fiber Optic group offers customer and carrier level services for fiber optic splicing, termination, testing services, training, and consulting to clients in Marshall Islands and neighboring countries.  Our customers include electrical utilities, business, industrial, educational institutions, and government entities.

Contact our sales department at 692.625.9559 to learn more about our Fiber Optic services.


A virtual always-on, secure environment, the cloud gives your organization access to important data from any device in any location. For enterprise and home networks, the advantages include increased capacity without expensive investments in servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. Built on shared virtual servers, networking switches, and storage devices, cloud computing has leveled the playing field for businesses, making it cost-effective for smaller businesses to join the ranks of the big guys, and give consumers reliable, robust services and experiences.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Increase efficiency with data center virtualization while reducing costs
  • Improvement of security, availability, and data protection
  • Compatible resources such as servers, storage and network
  • Administration of IT managed services as a single structure
  • Flexible scaling ability to respond to growing organizational demands



This is a point-to-point radio system that provides wireless services. The service has a capacity of 512 kbps bandwidth, contains 2 telephone lines, and Internet Access of 384 kbps bandwidth. Maximum speed for Internet Access is 384 kbps but should customer need an Internet speed less than 384 kbps, NTA can also accommodate. Customer will not require any equipment other than telephone equipment and a computer.
NTA provides this service to remote areas such as Gugeeguu, Arno, Rongrong, and other remote areas within the Marshall Islands.


The Internet is the perfect way to stay in touch in this busy world we live in. If you do not have access to the Internet, we welcome you to our Internet Cafe. NTA Internet Cafe provides you with the following:

  • 10 brand new computers
  • High-speed connection at an affordable rate.
  • Net surfing and email services.
  • HP Laser-jet Printer 2100
  • Microsoft word, excel, publisher, and game.

  • 8 cents per minute-Internet Cafe
  • 15 cents per page-Printing

We're located at the NTA Headquarters Building in Delap. For more information, Call 625-9559


Students are required to present a Passport or School ID for the student rates.
Students without an ID will be charged regular rates.

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