Payment Drop Box

Payment Drop Box(Check Only)
To avoid waiting in line, you may drop your payment at our Payment Drop Box located at the NTA Headquarters Building in Delap. This service is currently available at the Majuro main office building only.


Every time you pick up the phone, it’s an opportunity.  It’s an opportunity to connect with your family, friends, customers, partners or suppliers to further your business.  But it’s also an opportunity to save money and be more productive. Telephone & Voice solutions provide the pricing, features and flexibility that let you create business value from how you talk. 



Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority is a premium service provider
of residential and business telephones for Majuro and Ebeye.

Information on available on the services, including:


When you have a service problem, you need to report the problem to our customer service representatives
as soon as possible.  Our customer service representatives will process a trouble report and we will do our best to locate and
clear up the problem in a timely manner. Depending on the source of the the problem the following guidelines apply:

- NTA maintains all outside telephone cable as part of your basic monthly rate.
- NTA maintains all inside telephone cable and equipment that is the property of NTA as part of your basic monthly rate.

In those instances where service difficulty or trouble from customer-provided or maintained inside wire, jacks, and
or equipment, the customer is responsible for repair and maintenance. The customer may hire someone or handle
the repair himself/herself. If the customer requests NTA to fix the problem, then the customer will have to pay to
NTA a service maintenance charge.


The Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority(NTA) has the exclusive right to assign, change, or
reassign telephone numbers to customers receiving telephone service through NTA. The telephone number
assigned to a customer may be changed by NTA as circumstances warrant or to meet service requirements.
Customers may request a number changed but the final decision regarding any changes will be made by NTA


All outstanding charges must be paid before your service can be restored. You will be charged for service restoration.





Any tariff rates included in this directory are based on the rates in effect at the time directory was published and are
subject to change.


Installation Fee $35.00
Extension(s) $4.00
Extensions (Each)$5.00
Cell Block$2.00
Activation Fee


 CALLING FEATURES: ($3/month package: all 4 features)

Calling Waiting
Select Ring
3 Way Calling
Call Forwarding

PBX/KEY SYSTEM:  Installation

Units (1-6)
Units (7-16)
Units (17-24)
Units (25 or more)
Trunk Line (Each)



National & Long Distance Calling Rates:


Per Minutes Calls
(7am- 7pm)

National Calls

International Calls
Operator Assist.Calls



Prepaid Discount Rates



(12 midnight to 6am)

National Calls
International Calls
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